Amie Gibba found a job!

Dear sponsors,

I am writing with great hope and passion , its been a while since I heard from you but I am sure that it will pleased you to know that the girl you nurtured from a very tender age has grown up to be a lady with substance.

I have started a contract with the National Center for Arts and Culture. The National Center for Arts and Culture was established in 1989 by an act of parliament and this act was later replaced by the NCAC act of 2003.

The institution virtually is a semi independent institution which is very much concern with the preservation and protection of The Gambia cultural heritage, and celebrating its artistic and historic inheritance.

Recently we are working on trying to make a compilation of previous and present news papers from different media house, in order to archived the for future reference.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithful AMIE GIBBA